El Jen Skilled Care February Activities Calendar

By Ted Silverstein

February is a month with holidays, Fun loving traditions, folklore and good times with the ones we love. Did you know that February comes from a Latin word februa, which means “to cleanse”? February is a Roman festival called Februalia and it is a month-long festival of purification and atonement.  Here’s our calendar of activities for this month.

  • February 3rd residents will celebrate National Carrot Cake Day & Trivia Social at 10am
  • February 5th residents will celebrate National Chocolate Fondue Day & Trivia Social at 2pm
  • February 7th residents will celebrate the Monthly Birthday’s at 2pm
  • February 8th residents will enjoy the National Teddy Bear Craft & Arts w/ Trivia at 2pm
  • February 9th residents will enjoy a National Kraut & Frankfurter Day Social & Trivia at 2pm.
  • February 10th is National Pudding Day Social with Angie playing the Piano at 10am.
  • February 12th residents will enjoy a Super Bowl Sunday Party at 3pm.
  • February 14th residents will enjoy Live Entertainment with beverages and snacks at 2pm.
  • February 17th residents will celebrate National Crepe Day with chocolate and whip cream, hot beverages at 10am.
  • February 21st residents will celebrate Mardi Gras Day at 2pm.
  • February 24th residents will enjoy a sensory social of Hot Baked Cookies & icing while Angie plays the piano at 10am.